Berlinger at IRT, Boston

Berlinger at IRT, Boston

Meet the Berlinger experts

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Berlinger at IRT, Boston

Meet the Berlinger experts for Clinical Trial at the IRT in Boston and learn how to turn a 25-day manual data evaluation into instant decision-making.

Join us in Boston - Marriott Cambridge, Massachusetts, from October 17-19. 2022 and don't miss the Berlinger case study presentation.

Harald van Weeren, Segment Manager Clinical Trials and Team Lead Segment Management Berlinger & Co AG, will speak about Modular real-time: the next step in end-to-end condition monitoring for clinical trial supply chain.

In his presentation, he will address the following aspects:

  • How full end-to-end temperature monitoring helps to improve patient safety and increase process efficiency
  • How open condition monitoring platforms allow for seamless integration with IRT for end-to-end monitoring
  • How the latest modular real-time technology allows for an even higher level of control, with immediate oversight yielding quicker decision making and quicker corrections in a more cost-effective manner
  • What to consider when implementing end-to-end condition monitoring – lessons learned

The presentation will take place on Monday, October 17, 2022, 3:50 p.m. - 4:25 p.m.. A live stream will be available on the IRT online platform.

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