Data loggers save investigational materials

Data loggers save investigational materials

Clinical trial market

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Clinical materials are costly. Small batch production, complex distribution, cold chain issues and complications related to importing combine to increase the value of each clinical dose. When clinical materials are lost for any reason at the clinical site the costs increase. The additional loss of patient adherence to the dosage regiment will ensure a hyperactive reaction

to a situation that can be diffused with data – reliable temperature data on site. The loss of clinical materials can often be prevented with temperature data.

The challenge

Clinical sites are often independent doctor offices or clinics. Patient health and safety are the primary goal for the caregivers at these facilities. Managing clumsy and difficult to understand temperature data loggers and drug profiles is beyond their priority scope. How can the temperature data of a clinical site be captured and share easily to save clinical materials?

The solution

One global vaccine manufacturer is proactively putting tools in place at clinical sites to reduce unnecessary resupply actions. Most caregivers around the world are more focused on patient health and safety then on tracking refrigerator and freezer temperatures over time. Tools for temperature tracking at these sites must be simple and intuitive if they are going to be properly used.

This company chose the Fridge-tag 2 L for the following reasons:

  • Software is not used to start or operate the Fridge-tag 2 L. Nearly 30% of sites cannot to install because of work place security or a lack of skill. Using the Fridge-tag®2 insures all sites
    comply with the use of data loggers
  • Reports are straight forward and easily comprehended by caregivers and quality support staff
  • Product installation takes 1 minute and users can rely on easy to comprehend instructions supported by on-line how to videos
  • Audible and visible alarms ensure the caregiving staff will know if an issue


The result

Caregivers can continue to focus on the patient and the effectiveness of clinical materials on their condition. Clinical supply managers can rely on instant access to the vital temperature information needed to make informed decisions about clinical materials when an issue arises. No longer must they default to the lowest risk/highest cost option of resupplying rare clinical materials to the far corners of the world.

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