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Vaccines Temperature Monitoring

Global Health

Monitoring during Vaccination Campaigns

Global Health Solutions

End to end Temperature Management for Vaccines

From the production of a vaccine right up to the point of vaccination: only when the temperature is managed throughout the supply chain is the vaccine safe and effective. Berlinger’s vaccines temperature monitoring solutions ensure the unimpaired quality and effectiveness of the vaccines by monitoring temperatures, raising alarms for corrective actions, and providing audit trails and data analysis.

For more than 30 years Berlinger has been part of the great success of global vaccination efforts, by providing temperature monitoring solutions for the shipment and storage of vaccines. Our expertise helps to make the cold chain more secure through targeted monitoring. We proudly look back on the development of the first electronic temperature indicators, Q-tag 2 plus and Freeze-tag, which have been used for temperature monitoring since 1999 during international vaccination campaigns.

Today we offer integrated solutions that ensure that every person in the world can feel safe about their vaccination.

Non-Profit Organizations

Improve Public Health through Vaccinations

Knowing the exact temperature information of each batch of vaccines allows only those vaccines to be used where the quality and integrity is not compromised by prohibited temperature deviations. This increases effective immunization rates while reducing the vaccination efforts and risk of wastage.
Monitor the cold chain performance, receive alerts on time, and plan preventive maintenance and corrective actions with tools that are easy to use. Swiss-quality Berlinger solutions offer reliability, durability, and ease of use. With Berlinger’s shipment devices and storage devices from the Q-tag and Fridge-tag range together with SmartView, temperature monitoring is possible throughout your whole cold chain.
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Ministry of Health

Effective Resource Allocations for Vaccination Programs

“As manager I want the assurance that the vaccination program is effective and that I have the right trend analysis to make decisions on resource allocation and investment in cold chain equipment.”
Berlinger temperature monitoring solutions offer the managerial information that supervisors are looking for. The SmartView dashboard provides all key information at a glance, identifies which cold chain parts require additional attention, and enables further customized analysis.
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Vaccination for Children

Health care staff want to help other people. And technology is there to help them doing so.
A Berlinger solution does just that: it provides the health care staff with the information whether a vaccine should be used or not. It makes temperature readings easy. A digital data logger will record temperatures 24/7. Studies have found that vaccines are most at risk when no one is paying attention (when the office is closed). Two of the most common risks to vaccines are power interruptions and faulty equipment, which cause unexpected temperature fluctuations. A loss of power can obviously threaten vaccine inventories; less clear is the impact of faulty equipment. Often a trusted storage unit can suddenly generate abnormally high or low temperatures. This is a sign that the unit needs maintenance or replacement. The information stored in data loggers will alert you to equipment that is failing and will provide proof that temperatures were properly maintained during a power outage.
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