Berlinger Order Platform

Customize your SmartSystem Devices


Customize and order your SmartMonitor and accessories

SmartMonitor SITE L for fridges and freezers / SmartMonitor SHIP L and SHIP M for shipment monitoring

Customize and order your SmartSystem devices in a few simple steps. Save your orders for easy reordering. We will process your order to your customizable preference.

Use this platform to define the parameters for your SmartMonitor incl. accessories and order. Please have the following information at hand before you start ordering: 

The SmartView Sublicense ID that you received after the initial set-up.

Create or log-in to your account to order, re-order or manage your specified parameters. Enter your SmartView licence ID and your PO (Purchase Order) number for easy referencing. Finally, confirm your parameters and submit the order to Berlinger - done. 

To order additional SmartMonitor, SmartSensor and/or accessories or when ordering different parameters of the hardware, click “Order new device” at the end of each order.

We will take care of further processing according to the conditions agreed in the contract.