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Champion since 1994 – ambition, discipline and talent – success has many components. We are proud to have been part of the international anti-doping movement for almost three decades.
We take our responsibility seriously and are an important ambassador for clean sport. We will continue to support these values in the future.

The Berlinger BEREG-Horse-Kit is the most globally used tamper-evident safety container with great confidence of the anti-doping community. We are proud to be a reliable partner for national and international sports events.

Sports Federations, National Associations and Turf Clubs

International and national equestrian federations, racing labs, turf clubs and veterinarians value our certified security containers and accessories due to their simple operation and maximum security.
True to the motto “the more user friendly the product, the more secure the process”, we offer different systems to meet the special needs of our customers with the BEREG-Horse-Kit, which is officially approved by the FEI, and the Lausanne Kit. Our animal anti-doping kits are widely used within local and international competitions worldwide and trusted by the laboratories and analysts. We provide different accessory packages together with our kits based on the individual requirements. Additional services like logistics and regulatory support are included and help our customers all over the world receive the products in the most convenient way.
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Equine and Camel labs play an important role in the fight against animal doping.
With continued research and the development of new and more sensitive detection methods, cheating becomes more and more difficult. The Berlinger anti-doping kits play an important and trusted role within the lab process. Based on our customers’ feedback, we provide laboratories all over the world with lab equipment that fits ideally with our kits.
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Unified for a cleaner tomorrow

Introducing firstFlagXTM, a game-changing product for the detection of anabolic drugs in racehorses, camels and supplements. A unique bioassay that goes beyond the detection ability of traditional chemical methods, quickly identifying the presence of any prohibited performance-enhancing drug, including newly designed androgens.  

In partnership with InsituGen, we focus on reinventing drug testing in the equine and camel racing industries.

Choose firstFlagXTM by InsituGen for cutting-edge drug detection.

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Veterinarians are key in the process of collecting samples in animal anti-doping.
As it is not always clear whether blood or urine will be collected, our containers are suitable for both purposes. Together with a broad range of accessories, blood or urine collection is as convenient as possible for veterinarians. Tamper-evident safety containers should be used to collect and analyze samples not only during anti-doping checks in or out of competition but also during a pre-purchase examination. A special pre-purchase kit based on our Lausanne Kit provides the same safety standards for equine pre-purchases as our anti-doping checks where Berlinger kits are used.
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