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The Future of Clinical Trial Temperature Monitoring Has Arrived

Today’s temperature monitoring in clinical trials is time and cost intensive. Data is entered and collected manually and this process is also error prone. This leads to limited transparency and missing information during the clinical trial process and long decision-making processes. As a result of this, the patient may have be rescheduled or may even be lost for the clinical trial.

We live in a world where everything has gotten more complex, where patients require more sophisticated medication, and where time, costs and compliance need to be balanced more than ever before. This requires a reliable and fully integrated solution.
Imagine an integrated clinical trial solution, where drugs are tracked continuously throughout the clinical chain – from the shipment until the last fridge – and controlled against your product stability data. Information, such as stability data violation notifications, is available shortly upon arrival at the clinical site. No more painstaking decision-making processes, yet higher patient safety and better compliance.


“As a sponsor, I want to have full insight into the conditions of a drug kit according to defined product stability rules before it is tested on the patients.”
Berlinger SmartView: the first solution to integrate depot distribution vendor, IRT and facilities to automate the temperature stability validation process for temperature-controlled drugs.
The collected temperature data can be analyzed easily and in-depth for significant workflow improvements.
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Clinical Shipment

Clinical supply is getting more and more complicated with direct-to-patient shipments and/or decentralized trials. This brings about the need to closely monitor drug kits during their clinical supply.
Berlinger’s Q-tag shipment monitoring devices together with SmartView offer an integral temperature monitoring solution throughout your clinical supply.
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Clinical Site

Before dispensing drugs to a patient, it is important that you know for sure that no stability rules have been breached during transport.
With the integrated temperature view of your clinical supply together with Berlinger site monitoring solutions and SmartView, you know instantly whether the drug kit is still fit for use. Data handling is fully automated, easy to use, and your existing IRT remains front face.
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Clinical Partnerships

At Berlinger, we value our partnerships, which offer our customers the best solution.
For our integral end-to-end temperature monitoring solution for clinical trials, we work together with the most renowned suppliers of IRT systems.
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