Clinical Trial Partnerships

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Partnerships in Clinical Supply Management to Improve Quality

With the rise of precision medicine and an increased need for immuno-biologicals, there are more and more temperature-sensitive products in the supply chain. Loss of product can incur significant costs when optimal temperatures for products are not maintained.
With this in mind, we pursue the goal of transforming and streamlining cold chain supply management through speed, simplicity, integration and reliability to improve quality and efficiency, increase confidence and decrease drug wastage.

About Suvoda

Suvoda is a global innovator in Interactive Response Technology (IRT) that solves complex patient randomization and supply chain needs in clinical trials.
They offer exceptional customer and advisory services to make trials safer for patients and easier for clinical teams.

Key benefits:
  • Security & Data Privacy
    Physical, technical, and procedural controls to ensure personal data and confidential information are secure and retrievable.
  • Regulatory Compliance
    Suvoda’s QMS adheres to applicable regulatory and industry organization guidelines, both domestic and global.
  • High Availability Architecture
    Redundant infrastructure is designed to ensure optimal performance and uptime.

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