Revolutionizing Urine Collection for Female Athletes and Athletes with Disabilities

Revolutionizing Urine Collection for Female Athletes and Athletes with Disabilities

The Game-Changing Benefits of the New Urine Collection Vessel

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Revolutionizing Urine Collection for Female Athletes and Athletes with Disabilities

In the world of sports, ensuring fair play and maintaining integrity is of paramount importance. When it comes to drug testing in-competition and out-of-competition, to detect and deter the use of performance-enhancing substances, the urine collection process for female athletes and athletes with disabilities has often been cumbersome and challenging. The introduction of Berlinger’s new Urine Collection Vessel is set to change the game, offering real benefits that will ease the sample collection and provide maximum user-friendliness.

Designed with the unique needs of female athletes and athletes with disabilities in mind, the vessel's ergonomic shape allows physical indication and with this, a hassle-free experience during urine collection. This innovation is a significant step towards promoting inclusivity and removing barriers for athletes in the testing process.

Physical Indication for Fill Level
One of the most notable features of the new Urine Collection Vessel is its incorporation of a physical indication mechanism. This intuitive design element provides a clear signal to the user when the minimum required volume of 90 ml is reached or when the fill level is 150 ml, where the requirements to the specific gravity changes. This feature is particularly beneficial for female athletes and athletes with disabilities for easy control of volume when providing a sample.

Molded Scale for Visual Impaired Athletes
Recognizing the diverse needs of athletes, the new Urine Collection Vessel goes a step further by incorporating a molded scale. This feature is a crucial addition for visually impaired athletes, providing a tactile reference point to gauge the fill level. This thoughtful inclusion not only enhances accessibility but also reinforces the commitment to inclusivity within the sports community.

Optimized Shape with Spout for Precise Decanting
The vessel's optimized shape, featuring a specially designed spout, is a game-changer in the doping control world. This innovative feature allows for precise decanting, eliminating the risk of spillage when splitting the sample into the two urine sample containers.

Watertight Sealing for Secure Sample Handling
In addition to its ergonomic design, the new Urine Collection Vessel features a watertight sealing system. This ensures that a partial sample can be temporarily sealed directly in the vessel. This results in significant time savings and also instills confidence in athletes, knowing that their privacy and rights are being respected.

Contamination Protection
Maintaining the integrity of samples is crucial in any drug testing process. The new Urine Collection Vessel addresses this concern by providing robust contamination protection. The protected spout creates a barrier that safeguards the sample from external contaminants, ensuring accurate and reliable test results.

The introduction of the new urine collection vessel represents a significant leap forward in enhancing the sample collection for female athletes and athletes with disabilities. Its user-friendly design, optimized shape with a spout for precise decanting, physical indication for fill level, molded scale for athletes with disabilities, watertight sealing, and contamination protection all contribute to a more accessible, reliable, and inclusive testing experience. This innovation is not only a testament to the commitment to fair play and integrity in sports but also a clear signal that the needs of all athletes are being prioritized.

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