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Champion since 1994 – ambition, discipline and talent – success has many components. We are proud to have been part of the international anti-doping movement since 1994. We take our responsibility seriously and are an important ambassador for clean sports. We will continue to support these values in the future.
The Berlinger BEREG-Kit is the most globally used tamper-evident safety container with great confidence of the anti-doping community. We are proud to be a reliable partner for national and international sports.

NADO's, Service Provider and Sports Federations

National anti-doping-organisations, service providers and sports federations value our certified security containers and accessories due to their simple operation and maximum security.
True to the motto: “The more userfriendly the product, the more secure the process.”. To develop products based on the experience in the field, we are always in close contact to our community partners. Our Bereg Kit for Urine testing and the Bereg Kit small for blood testing are made for the needs in anti-doping and are the most globally used tamper evident safety containers. Together with our kits we provide different accessory packages based on the invidual need. Additional services like logistics and regulatory support are included and help our customers all over the world to receive the products in the most convenient way.
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Accredited laboratories all over the world have implemented the Berlinger equipment into their infrastructure.
Laboratories are the key stakeholders in the fight against doping with ongoing research and efforts to achieve even more sensitive results and a doping-free world. We have been supporting our partners for years with special equipment, from the opening machine to special storage solutions, to guarantee a safe and convenient product journey within the lab. As a community partner we are always proud to support research facilities in special projects like education.
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