Corporate Social Responsibility

Berlinger's social responsibility and commitment to sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ongoing Commitment to Sustainability

Building a safe future means living sustainability in every aspect of our lives. Today and tomorrow. We are committed to sustainability not only as individuals but also as employers.
At Berlinger, we are surrounded by the beautiful Toggenburg landscape and want to preserve it for many decades.

Continous improvement for a sustainable future

Berlinger has highly rated sustainability goals and has, therefore, developed an environmental management system (EMS). In April 2013 our EMS obtained ISO 14001 certification and could therefore be integrated into our existing QM system.
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Sustainable ways of travelling

  • Reduced travel
    Travel is reduced as much as possible. Our modern IT infrastructure enables our employees to hold virtual meetings. Furthermore, Berlinger focuses on participating in online conferences instead of exhibitions.
  • Working from home
    A flexible worktime module gives our employees the opportunity to work from home. Time is saved and efficiency is gained.
  • Bike to work
    Berlinger takes part in the yearly Swiss health promotion "Bike to work" where employees pedal to work and back over the course of two months. Great team spirit is gained and CO2 saved.
  • E-mobility support
    Our parking lot is equipped with an electrical outlet for employees driving an electric car.
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Valuable partnerships with charities

  • UNICEF Key Supplier
    The United Nations Children's Fund is the most recognizable social welfare organization in the world and provides humanitarian and developmental support to children worldwide. Berlinger is a key supplier to UNICEF with its monitoring solutions.
  • Salaam Baalak
    This is an Indian non-profit organization in Delhi that supports street children and working children with several projects to enable a safer life and future opportunities. Berlinger has been supporting the Salaam Baalak Football project since 2015, where the children can develop their talent and get the chance to start a football career. Learn more
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Improvement of logistic processes

With more than 170 customers worldwide, we are part of a global supply chain that is becoming increasingly complex. It is, therefore, our objective to continue optimizing the logistical processes. As a result, we successfully consolidate our shipments and recycle packaging material in the production.
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Lower emissions

  • Ice-heating
    The clever ice-heating system in our building doesn't use gas for the heating process, but uses the extracted energy to heat up the interior in winter and cool it down in summer. In 2019, we achieved seven times fewer CO2 emissions.
  • No pesticide in use
    Berlinger does not use any pesticides to maintain the greenfields on the company premises.
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Sustainable product design

Reuse, reduce, recycle

A clever product design is the key to produce sustainable solutions for our customers. We focused on three key initiatives in our monitoring solutions to create more sustainable products: 1. Multiple use, 2. Extra light devices, 3. Recycle

Reuse, reduce, recycle
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