Horse blood or urine sample container

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Enhanced visibility

Transparent design enables easy monitoring of sample

Superior durability

Thermoplastic locking ring with 50% fiber composition

Continuous innovation

Developed as a plastic kit with exceptional strenght and durability


Tech Facts & Intended Use

BEREG-Horse-Kit is intended to be used to store and transport urine or blood samples for the purpose of anti-doping and drugs of abuse testing.

This kit is not intended to be used in a medical setting nor on the order of a health care professional. This kit is also not indicated for or in assistance of disease screening or diagnosis.

Product Data

Application area :
Animal sports
Container for :
Urine samples or blood vacutainer
Dimension of the bottle (l x w x h) :
50 x 50 x 170 mm
Bottle capacity :
190 ml or 4 blood tubes of 10 ml
Maximum fill level :
190 ml
Bottle material :
Cap Material :
Cap Material: Plastic / Spring clip: Metal / Locking ring: Engineering thermoplastic with 50% glass fibre
Serial number :
7-digit number
Weights :
1 container kit: 0.150 kg
2 container kit: 0.255 kg
3 container kit: 0.370 kg
Storage Conditions :
Before use: +0°C to + 40°C
Dangerouse goods regulations :
Complies with DGR category for "Exempt animal specimens"
Standards :
Complies with IATA (International Air Transport Association)


Find out more in our useful manuals with further information.


BEREG-Horse-Kit Accessories

With the BEREG-Horse-Kit, Berlinger offers the following items for sample collection, transport and laboratory support.


Accessory packages

Accessories for Animal Testing

Product benefits

  • A variety of accessories is available

Product benefits

  • A variety of accessories is available
Laboratory Accessories

Opening Tools

The only way to open the BEREG-Kit and Berlinger Lausanne Kit containers is to break/cut the cap in two pieces with the help of an opening tool.

Product benefits

  • Experience the fastest opening mechanism in the market.
  • Precision at its best - our opening process ensures safety and cleanliness.
  • User-friendly and intuitive design - manual processing that doesn't require exceptional strength.

Product benefits

  • Break and separate the cap into two pieces in about 5 seconds
  • Automatic system
  • Power cable with CH or Schuko plug, test kit, cap, cone, black cup for BEREG-Kit small (blood), slip-resistant mat
  • Cones, black cup

Product benefits

  • Break and separate the caps in two pieces
  • Cone, black cup for BEREG-Kit small (blood), slip-resistant mat, test kit, cap
  • Cones, black cup

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