Modular Real-Time™

Be smart and save up to 60% with Berlinger’s SmartSystem

Berlinger SmartSystem

Supply chain visibility made easy with a modular platform approach that guarantees end-to-end condition monitoring and compliance. Get full transparency along your pharma cold chain with Berlinger SmartSystem. The integrated system guarantees compatibility with hardware and software and ultimately leads to significant cost savings.

Add value with SmartSystem

Supply Chain Visibility

End-to-end monitoring for effective decision-making
Multiple condition data provided to the right stakeholders in real-time enable to deliver mission critical supply chain insights, ensure quality, reduce wastage and costs. Supply chain risks and disruptions as well as quality reviews become predictable with the analytics of the Berlinger SmartSystem.

Compatibility & Integration

Digitization of the supply chain and integration optimize efficiency
With wireless connectivity and all real-time data accessible in our cloud platform, the digitization and scalability of your processes has never been easier. Take the advantage of the application programming interface (API) to integrate your TMS, ERP, IRT or 3rd party device to experience the full power of control.


Reduce real-time costs with intercommunication
Thanks to our modular hardware lineup with intelligent intercommunication, you can reduce the costs of real-time monitoring in an easy way.


Minimize the environmental impact and achieve your sustainability goals
With Berlinger SmartSystem, you can reduce risks and increase your environmental footprint the most efficient way. This is by improving your processes, reduce wastage and decrease the use of raw materials with smart re-use hardware.

Berlinger SmartView

Experience the power of control with Berlinger’s open software platform SmartView. Maximize efficiency and empower automation with API.

Be prepared for audits with Berlinger’s audit trail function. Berlinger’s cloud platform provides you with full data access worldwide to manage KPI easily at the highest quality standards.

Be up to speed with your excursion handling. Through targeted analysis of the collected temperature and condition data, deviations can be identified immediately and reacted in a smart manner.

Be prepared in no time with all monitoring data available in one system. Full insights available in SmartView for QA in-depth reviews.

Digitize process and device management with our platform

Open platform


Take advantage of the Berlinger SmartView Application Programming Interface (API) and integrate your ERP, TMS or IRT system with our SmartView platform. For fast, smart and seamless automation.

Modular Real-Time™ Monitoring

Berlinger SmartMonitor Hardware Platform.

Site and shipment monitoring with maximum flexibility of real-time and non-real-time to ensure patient safety.

Intuitive handling
Pharma standard accuracy
Multiple condition monitoring
<p>Increase automation and reduce costs with device INTERCOMMUNICATION</p>


Modular real-time monitoring device for fridges and freezers.
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Modular real-time monitoring device for shipments. Full featured and reusable.


Modular real-time monitoring device for shipments. Slim featured and single use.


The smart one with intercommunication possiblity.


SmartSystem, reducing the carbon footprint of the cold chain monitoring industry

At Berlinger, we take action in various areas of our business to reduce our environmental impact. With Berlinger’s SmartSystem, your sustainability goals are at the heart of our innovation and system design process.

SmartSystem is combining sustainable choices with significant cost reductions. Those main pillars make SmartSystem a true sustainable product: platform design, sourcing, reuserecycling and refurbishment.

Find out more about the climate ambitions brought to action with Berlinger SmartSystem.

SmartSystem Sustainability

Save millions with modular real-time.

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