Remote Temperature Monitoring

Full oversight for health professionals

Site Monitoring

Remote Temperature Monitoring with SmartSystem

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there are increasing numbers of vaccines that require different temperature ranges.
These different temperature ranges demand specific types of temperature monitoring solutions.

Increased manual workload for health professionals

In today's reality, many temperature monitoring systems are working in parallel. In order to fully benefit from the potential of vaccines, operating these systems in parallel, is both labor intense and costly.

The day-to-day work of hospital and clinical staff includes an enormous amount of manual work.

Too much manual work for already overburdened health professionals leads to more errors and jeopardizes everyone's investments in immunization efforts.

One system, full oversight

Lack of oversight is a major challenge for public health managers and resulted in the need for one single system that can replace the multitude of systems operating in parallel.

The requirements that were taken into consideration was to cover the temperature range from -200°C to +70°C, reducing the manual work and ultimatley decresasing the risk of errors and jeopardizing immunization investments.

The result of the research is the development of the innovative SmartSystem. The SmartMonitor SITE L, the remote site monitoring solution of the SmartSystem platform, allows complete remote installation, commission and training. This eliminates the need to travel to countries.

SmartMonitor SITE L is PQS prequalified

More time for helping patients

With SmartSystem's SmartMonitor SITE L, a higher level of optimization can be reached. It has lower cost of ownership thanks to the reduced operational costs.

The public health manager has increased overview of what is happening between all the different clinics in his country without the need of any manual work.

The health staff can focus on what they are best at, and what they like to do most, which is helping patients.

About SmartSystem

Successful immunization programs with SmartSystem

SmartSystem allows all parties to make the best use of their potential - Primary health staff can focus on helping patients, public health managers on automated overview of what is happening in their country, which all together result in better immunization outcomes

Safeguarding vaccines with SmartView

While temperature alarms are standard and widely utilized, Berlinger’s SmartView introduces an additional layer of defense through automated warning. Warnings serve as advance indicators, providing a heads-up about potential temperature excursions, offering crucial time to intervene before alarms occur.

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