One question for Marina Beer (Berlinger at LogiPharma 2023)

One question for Marina Beer (Berlinger at LogiPharma 2023)

Segment Manager Pharma & Life Sciences

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One question for Marina Beer (Berlinger at LogiPharma 2023)

Read what Marina Beer's outlook is for the masterclass at LogiPharma in Lyon.

The topic of Berlinger's masterclass that you are hosting at LogiPharma 2023 is: Automated product stability evaluation: How modular real-time technology and system integration enable instant decision making. Can you share what the masterclass is about and what attendees can expect from it?

We see many companies struggling with the cost of real-time technology, running parallel systems, and not yet utilizing the gathered condition data efficiently and in a way that it delivers real value through: process optimization to avoid temperature excursions, audit ready at any time, and most importantly instant decision-making on product release.

The consequence is: extended product quarantine times, manual processes, time-intense & non-conclusive CAPA reporting and in the worst-case drug wastage, with the related impact on financial and operational performance as well as on patient safety.

In the masterclass, I will be accompanied by two industry experts. Klaus Kauer, Head of Quality Management & responsible person at Frigo-Trans and Stefan Dürr, Head of Product Management at IQVIA. Klaus will be representing the commercial Pharma & Life Science segment, giving insights on how to scale, and run a large-scale real-time monitoring operation enabled by system integration. Stefan is representing the Clinical Supply Segment and will be sharing how it is possible, and what benefits it brings to be able to follow a product end-to-end, through all stages in the supply chain.

Whereas Klaus and Stefan are dealing with different application use cases, we identified that the challenges between the segments are very similar. We want to encourage stakeholders of the industry to participate in cross-segment exchanges to take an “outside the box” view and benefit from each other’s learning.

In line with that, we will also discuss how we, the stakeholders of the clinical and pharma supply chain, will have to become confident in navigating through a complex ecosystem of systems and partners in times of frequent supply chain interruptions and increased operational complexity. We will share what solutions Berlinger can offer with its new Modular Real-Time technology as an integral part of the Berlinger SmartSystem. The solution facilitates automation and real-time product visibility while decreasing costs by smart sharing of real-time communication capabilities.

We look forward to welcoming many curious industry stakeholders to our masterclass and at our booth # 41 for a live demo on Modular Real-Time.

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