Berlinger at LogiPharma 2023

Berlinger at LogiPharma 2023

Be smart and save millions in modular real-time.

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Berlinger at LogiPharma 2023

At LogiPharma 2023, Berlinger presents the unique modular real-time technology. Learn how you can save millions in modular real-time and experience SmartSystem - the innovative solution for end-to-end condition monitoring - at the world's largest event for pharmaceutical supply chains from April 25-27 in Nice, France.

The Berlinger team is looking forward to meeting you at LogiPharma 2023 at the Berlinger booth #41.

On the first conference day at LogiPharma 2023, Berlinger will host a masterclass on:

Automated product stability evaluation: How modular real-time technology and system integration enable instant decision-making.

Berlinger together with experts from the industry discuss how real-time technology and system integration became indispensable for managing their supply chain and ensure timely availability of drugs.

Supply chain professionals within pharma face the challenge to identify cost-efficient solutions and build more resilient supply chains for increasingly temperature-sensitive, high-value products. Manual management of data across multiple software systems and monitoring solutions leads to errors, data unavailability and duplication, resulting in extended product quarantine times, non-conclusive reporting and in the worst-case drug wastage. The inability to take immediate decision on the product stability status presents a quality and commercial risk and hinders pharmaceutical companies to scale rapidly.

Modular real-time technology and software integration now facilitate automated product stability evaluation. Integrated in your software ecosystem SmartSystem is the single source of truth for cold chain data. Product monitoring with a compatible system generates operational and cost-efficiencies, allows fast assessment of temperature excursions and scalability in a compliant way.

Join this masterclass to learn:

  • How automated data upload with modular real-time technology enables cost savings and increases product visibility.
  • How the integration of your frontend system with the Berlinger temperature monitoring software SmartView facilitates the automation of business-critical processes to enable scalability.
  • How a software integration delivered ROI within 24 hours.
  • Follow the product: How to achieve end-to-end visibility on the product level and take actions and decisions on consolidated cold chain data from different supply chain legs with the stability budget.

The session will be hosted by Marina Beer (Segment Manager Pharma and Life Sciences, Berlinger), accompanied by experts from the industry.

Date: Tuesday, April 25, 2023
Time: 11:00 - 11:50 am CET

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