WHO World Immunization Week 2020

WHO World Immunization Week 2020

#VaccinesWork for All

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WHO World Immunization Week 2020

Interview with Andrea Berlinger, President

What role is Berlinger’s playing in the World Immunization movement?
Since 1986, we have been privileged to help ensure that children around the world have access to vaccines that have been properly monitored. Our products, which initially consisted only of chemical indicators with a corresponding information card for easy temperature monitoring of vaccines, have developed over the years into a solid range of electronic products. I am eternally grateful to my father for agreeing to embark on the adventure we proposed – to suddenly start producing electronics as a textile entrepreneur was, in retrospect, a somewhat crazy idea. Yet our desire to do our bit, coupled with our belief in the success of our company's ability to transform itself, prevailed and today we are proud to be among the highest quality, most trusted suppliers to UNICEF, the WHO, numerous NGOs and the majority of vaccine manufacturers worldwide.  

Are there any experiences associated with World Immunization that you remember most?
In the aftermath of the post-Christmas tsunami in 2004, which kept the whole world in suspense, we received urgent orders for Fridge-tags and additional products for monitoring the refrigerators used to store important vaccines. It was the Christmas holidays, but nevertheless our employees were immediately on hand. Everybody helped to get the aid supplies ready for Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. And there have been many such examples. Being allowed to work on humanitarian projects gives us all a deeper sense of purpose and fulfilment. We make the impossible possible – especially at times when it's most needed – but also when everything is running 'normally'. Our employees are consistently committed. Only the best is good enough, as we know what we’re doing it all for: we are making a contribution to the health of mankind!

What are the opportunities arising from the current COVID-19 situation and the World Immunization movement?Sanofi and GSK have introduced a great "WeStayInThisTogether" initiative. They want to work together on a vaccine to combat the COVID-19 coronavirus. What a great message: that two strong European competitors can come together and join forces to overcome something even bigger! The announcement was made under the hashtag #LetsStayInThisTogether. But we think maybe it should also be: #LetsSolveThisTogether! The world needs collective solutions right now: the virus isn't stopped by borders, so neither should we be! Despite the threat of protectionism in many countries, this new "mindset" and global idea that we can solve this better and faster if we all work together is one of the greatest opportunities for the world. Let's seize this chance! The vaccine manufacturers Sanofi and GSK are leading the way. For this, they deserve our respect and we are proud to have been able to supply both companies with our proven products for over 30 years. We are ready to follow the lead!


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