One question for Harald van Weeren

One question for Harald van Weeren

Head of Segment Management & Segment Manager Clinical Trials

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One question for Harald van Weeren

At Berlinger, you translate market trends and needs into technical and business requirements so that Berlinger can offer the best value for the condition monitoring of the clinical supply chain now and in the future. One question: What can Berlinger provide to achieve full oversight of clinical trials?

Full oversight and end-to-end visibility helps the customer to better judge whether a drug kit is still 'fit for use'. The challenge is that the clinical supply chain is complex, consisting of many legs. Together with our IRT partners, we piece the puzzle of siloed temperature information together to make a holistic judgment of the state of the drug kit.

On June 27, we will talk about this and more in a webinar together with Silke Leiser from Merck KGaA/EMD Serono. Together, we will present an actual use case for implementing end-to-end condition monitoring in the clinical trial supply chain. Everyone who wants to learn more about it is invited to join.

Harald van Weeren drives Berlinger’s clinical trials business, with the vision to provide enhanced clinical supply chain visibility, ensuring greater transparency of data to customers, while prioritizing increased patient safety, and driving efficiency and cost savings in clinical trials to Berlinger's SmartSystem. Harald will be presenting in the joined webinaron “A Case Study on Implementing End-to-End Condition Monitoring for Clinical Trial Supply Chain”.

About the webinar:

Tuesday, June 27 (3pm – 4pm CEST / 9am – 10am EDT)

The webinar hosted by Xtalks, promises to be a valuable opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge and practical strategies to optimize your clinical trial processes.

The webinar will help you to:

  • Discover innovative approaches to enhancing the efficiency and reliability of your clinical trial supply chain.
  • Learn from real-life examples and best practices shared by industry experts.
  • Gain valuable insights into the implementation of end-to-end condition monitoring.

► Watch the webinar: Sign up here or watch the recording.

► Learn more in the joint Case Study with Merck and Berlinger. To the Case Study