One question for Anjan Kumar Gopishetty

One question for Anjan Kumar Gopishetty

Sales and Business Development Manager, Pharma & Life Sciences

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One question for Anjan Kumar Gopishetty

"The sense of satisfaction and giving it back to the community is immense in this industry"

You have been working in the cold chain industry for many years, what is it about the industry that fascinates you?

The sense of satisfaction and giving it back to the community is immense in this industry. On one side, I was able to help customers solve their complex pharmaceutical supply chain problems and on the other side, it gave me great happiness to realize that every step we take as an industry and my tasks personally as an individual help increase patient safety and wellbeing. What continues to fascinate me is how the industry is growing rapidly and adapting to changes in the pharmaceutical evolution, Covid-19 related vaccines for example needed strict process control in terms of temperature control in the -70 degrees Celsius range, something the cold chain industry was not prepared for on a large scale. The industry came together and quickly adapted to this requirement, thereby contributing to global immunization programs. Digitization of cold chain process has however been on the “to-do” list for the industry. 

Digitizing cold chain processes has been a challenge in the industry that traditionally worked manually,  Berlinger in this sense is leading the way with its innovative SmartSystem approach that will use a combination of modular smart devices and software to help pharmaceutical and allied logistics companies to control cold chain processes, implement CAPAs and use data to predict instances of failure, this will help in a major way to reduce pharmaceutical wastage, control quality and cut down on deliver times, which will eventually lead to cost savings and most importantly – saving lives! 

Change is natural, but how you change is important… by welcoming digitization efforts, I strongly believe that the industry is currently on the right path.