One question for Bernd Heisterkamp

One question for Bernd Heisterkamp

Head of R&D at Berlinger & Co. AG

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One question for Bernd Heisterkamp

Read how Bernd Heisterkamp, Head of R&D at Berlinger, gives an outlook on the R&D roadmap for 2022.

The agenda for 2022 is packed - what are you looking forward to in R&D?

Throughout the last 12 months, the R&D team has been working intensively on our latest innovation, SmartSystem. With its modular real-time technology, we want to transform the pharmaceutical supply chain and create added value for our customers by combining real-time and non-real-time with maximum flexibility, while providing end-to-end condition monitoring with full compliance. 2022 will bring us to the finish line in development and we will launch our solution to market by mid-2022.

Before the hardware and software, which together form the integrated system, can be introduced to our customers, our solution needs to be thoroughly tested and validated. This will be a priority in the first half of this year. Many teams from different fields have been working on this project and even though we designed the architecture to be very modular and with clear interfaces, only “real-world” tests will show if we got it all right and what still needs to be improved.

Our customers expect from SmartSystem an ultimately reliable solution as patient safety depends on it. Therefore, we always put quality first and features second. In the second half of 2022, we will work on additional functionality, which optimizes the operation or enables additional applications. Our customers provide us with important input for future developments and we are already looking forward to working on solutions that meet their requirements.

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