Berlinger Partners with Parsyl to Transform Supply Chain Integrity

Berlinger Partners with Parsyl to Transform Supply Chain Integrity

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Berlinger Partners with Parsyl to Transform Supply Chain Integrity

Switzerland, March 28, 2024 – Berlinger & Co. AG, as a global provider of cold chain monitoring solutions and with a leading position in site monitoring in Global Health, proudly announces its collaboration with Parsyl in validating the compatibility between the data generated by Berlinger's cutting-edge technology and the insurer of essential supply chains.

Validated compatibility with Parsyl’s Premier Supply Chain Insurance and Risk Management Solutions

Berlinger empowers users to make informed decisions by leveraging comprehensive and reliable data from shipment to storage. Quality data enables the identification of supply chain weak spots and optimizing trade lanes. Parsyl leverages the data for better risk assessment​ and underwriting​, ultimately leading to ​improved coverage, ​more accurate insurance premiums and ​renewal incentives​. 

Current and prospective Berlinger customers will have the option to utilize data from Berlinger monitoring solutions for Parsyl’s risk management offerings, since data from Berlinger devices is validated compatible for use by Parsyl. This offers unparalleled benefit to users: Berlinger’s best-in-class technology supports Parsyl's insurance solution, providing peace of mind and streamlining insurance processes for stakeholders across the supply chain. 

"Through our cold chain monitoring and innovative partnerships like with Parsyl, we are contributing to better global healthcare, and enabling the distribution of safe vaccines and medicines to people across the globe," says Hendrik Harbers, Director Global Health at Berlinger & Co. AG. 

Berlinger’s partnership with Parsyl, an award-winning supply chain insurer, reinforces the commitment to enhancing supply chain visibility and ultimately, reducing product wastage. For Berlinger’s large installed base as well as new solutions in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC), users can rely on the quality of the data and the validated compatibility with the Parsyl insurance solutions.  

This symbiotic relationship drives down costs while also ​fostering​ safer, more reliable supply chains. This results in better safeguarding of vaccines, at lower costs.  

Through technological innovations and strategic partnerships, Berlinger continues to prove as a trusted ally in ensuring the safety and efficacy of vaccines and medicines worldwide.

For more information on how Berlinger is transforming monitoring solutions and helping to build more resilient supply chains, contact the Berlinger team.