One Question For Andreas Graf

One Question For Andreas Graf

R&D Project Manager Anti-Doping

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One Question For Andreas Graf

Welcome to another ‘One Question For’. Today, we explore the Berlinger world of Research & Development (R&D) in Anti-Doping and learn more on how the team is further optimizing the products to create innovations for the future. Andreas Graf is a seasoned Project Manager in R&D at Berlinger Special AG and brings versatile knowledge with him from different industries, driving projects to further optimize our products. Today we are lucky to dive into his world.

Q: Andreas: What keeps the Berlinger R&D team for Anti-Doping busy this year and how are you innovating and making Berlinger's anti-doping products even more "future-proof"?

The project roadmap for our Anti-Doping R&D Team is packed this year: we have two new releases with the BEREG-Kit Plastic and the Berlinger Urine Collection Vessel - both major projects for our team.

We prioritize research projects and allocate resources effectively to optimize development, leverage on successful innovations, and re-evaluate new materials used for the production but also packaging of the products. Our focus is also on enhancing our existing Berlinger testing kits, including accessories, while ensuring efficiency through regular evaluations. Thorough product testing guarantees quality and effectiveness.

We work on several projects around the product to further optimize the carbon footprints of our products such as:

  • New Using recycled watertight IATA plastic bags.
  • Newly introduced opening protection, void instead the shrink foil, which is reducing the plastic.
  • Consolidation of the information on the label and thus reduction of the printed product material.

All of these actions help maintain a competitive edge and provide innovative anti-doping solutions that meet the needs of athletes and anti-doping agencies.

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