Introducing Berlinger's Enhanced Urine Collection Vessel

Introducing Berlinger's Enhanced Urine Collection Vessel

The perfect solution for convenience, security & user-friendliness

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Introducing Berlinger's Enhanced Urine Collection Vessel

The Berlinger team is happy to announce the launch of our newly innovated & optimized Urine Collection Vessel, designed to provide an even more convenient, user-friendly, and secure experience to support clean sports.

Berlinger understands the importance of hassle-free transportation, the new Urine Collection Vessel will be sturdy but still stackable. This allows for efficient storage and transportation, saving you valuable space and ensuring convenience throughout the process.

Berlinger's new Urine Collection Vessel - Your benefits:

Convenient Storage and Transportation

Effortlessly store and transport your samples, making the process more efficient than ever before. The new Urine Collection Vessel is stackable. 

Maximum User-Friendliness

The optimized vessel shape includes a precision-designed spout for controlled pouring and accurate measurement.

Safety and Security Guaranteed

Rest assured that your samples are protected with our watertight and leak-proof Urine Collection Vessel.

The Urine Collection Vessel as of September 2023.

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