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Pharmaceutical Temperature Monitoring from Production to Patient


End-To-End Temperature Monitoring

Pharmaceutical, biotech and medtech companies are required to guarantee the quality and efficacy of their products from production to patient.
The GxP (Good – x Manufacturing, Distribution, etc. – Practices) standards set out in the guidelines and tools to maintain the integrity of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and medicinal products during the entire distribution chain, and to prevent falsified medicines from entering the supply chain. The seamless delivery of life-saving medicines in an increasingly cost-driven environment with complex stakeholder structures and processes calls for end-to-end temperature monitoring solutions that enable regulatory compliance, as well as supply chain visibility, optimization and sustainability.
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Sourcing and Manufacturing Logistics

The safeguarding of the integrity of medicinal products starts well ahead of the commercial distribution. Secure sourcing and logistics of raw materials, APIs, excipients and intermediates with stringent temperature requirements presents a preceding step in the supply chain of medicinal products.
These scarce and high-value materials which are part of increasingly complex manufacturing processes are critical to the success of the timely availability of new and existing medicinal products and therefore, require close monitoring during storage and transport.
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Commercial Distribution

A clear definition of responsibilities, processes and tasks amongst all stakeholders of the supply chain is key to perfectly orchestrating the safe commercial delivery of medicinal products or equipment from production to regional distribution hubs and wholesalers.
Each shipment is rigorously planned in cooperation with the logistics service provider; the airline, the temperature-controlled packaging provider and the temperature monitoring provider, to ensure compliance with global regulatory requirements, national customs procedures and product temperature claims. Close cooperation between all partners supports the optimization of operations, the prevention of temperature deviations and the acceleration of the product release process. In case of deviations, the fast availability of conclusive data facilitates the implementation of effective corrective and preventative measures. Data also enables supply chain visibility, trade lane assessments, optimization and validation.
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Last Mile Distribution

The last mile distribution, also referred to as the secondary distribution of medicinal products, is the process of distributing medicinal products from regional distribution hubs and wholesalers to pharmacies, hospitals, doctors, and increasingly to patients' homes.

While the secondary distribution usually involves less stakeholders, and could, therefore, be considered as less complex than the primary distribution, the delivery of medicinal products to the right location, in the right condition and at the right time for the purpose of patient safety remains equally important. Simplicity and fast decision making play a key role in this final part of the supply chain.
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