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Cold chain temperature monitoring for vaccination campaigns


Temperature monitoring solutions for vaccines

The novel coronavirus Sars_CoV2 belongs to the class of RNA (RiboNucleic Acid) viruses and has resulted in the ongoing pandemic that has cost thousands of lives and affected millions. In order to avoid further human suffering as well as economic setbacks, it is of the utmost importance to vaccinate the majority of the global population as quickly as possible.
We can proudly look back on the development of the first electronic temperature indicators, Q-tag 2 plus and Freeze-tag, which have been used for temperature monitoring since 1999 during international vaccination campaigns.

Today we offer integrated solutions to ensure that every person in the world can feel safe about their vaccination.
Distribution set-up COVID-19 front runners
distribution set-up COVID-19

Temperature Requirements

How does the temperature requirements of the frontrunner vaccine candidates affect the distribution set-up?

The ultra-low temperature required to maintain the stability of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine developed by BioNTech in cooperation  with Pfizer. The vaccines are transported in insulated dry ice boxes to maintain the temperature at -78°C for up to 10 days. 

Contrary to BioNTech/Pfizer, the Moderna vaccine candidate can be shipped and stored in an environment found more readily available in the common pharmaceutical supply chain. The vaccine remains stable for up to 6 months at -20°C, including 30 days at standard refrigerator temperatures of +2 to 8°C once thawed. 

AstraZeneca's AZD1222 can be stored and transported at standard refrigerated conditions of +2 to 8°C within the existing healthcare infrastructure for a minimum of six months.  

cold chain management

Shipment Monitoring

Temperature monitoring of your valuable shipments

This single-use data logger impresses with its large memory capacity of 38,000 measurements and its wide temperature range of –96°C to +30°C. When connected to a PC/Mac, the logger automatically generates a secure PDF/A report showing the measured data including the temperature curve.

Ultra-low shipment monitoring solution 
Learn more: Q-tag CLm doc D

Freeze shipment monitoring solution
Learn more: Q-tag CLm doc Ice

Cold shipment monitoring solution
Learn more: Q-tag CLm doc L

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Site Monitoring

Proven Fridge-tag quality for ultra-low temperatures

The Fridge-tag automatically triggers an alarm, if it measures a critical temperature deviation out of the predefined temperature range. With the built-in USB connection, a secure PDF/A report can be generated with all relevant temperature data presented in a clear and easy understandable manner.

Ultra low site monitoring solution

  • Coolest operating temperature –90°C to 0°C 
  • Up to 3 years operating time
  • Perfect companion for ultra-low freezers

Learn more: Fridge-tag Ultra Low

Refrigerator temperature monitoring solution

  • The intelligent solution for the continuous monitoring of sensitive vaccines
  • Robust housing design and easily readable display
  • Register min/max temperature and time data in fridges and freezers
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Berlinger Monitoring Solutions

For COVID-19 vaccines

Berlinger is ready to support your global end-to-end temperature monitoring requirements of COVID-19 vaccines. We are your reliable and fair partner, who stands for long-term commitment and quality of products and services.

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COVID-19 Blog

The Berlinger blog about COVID-19 cold chain resources

We discussed aspects that have to be taken into consideration in the global development and distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine with our experts Dr Anne Stolle, who conducted postdoctoral research in the spread of infectious diseases, Marina Beer, expert in the field of pharmaceutical cold chain and Hendrik Jan Harbers, Director Business Development Global Health.

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