Modular Real-Time

From Temperature Monitoring to Full Condition Monitoring


Berlinger SmartSystem

Be smart and save millions with modular transparency

The added value of a modular system

Software, hardware and SmartServices

1. Automation

Digitization reduces human error and optimizes efficiency

With wireless connectivity, the digitalization of your processes and supply chain has never been smarter and easier than with the new Berlinger SmartSystem.

2. Supply Chain Visibility

Effective decision-making with on-time information

Comprehensive sensor-data provided in a smart way to the right stakeholders and at the right time.

Just smart.

3. Sustainability

Minimize environmental impact

We are aware of climate change and want to take action to reduce its impact.

With Berlinger SmartSystem, you can reduce risks and increase your environmental performance in a smart way. We improve your processes with re-use hardware and other SmartServices to help you achieve your sustainability goals.

4. Seamless Quality Assurance

Timely and transparent product releases

Thanks to our open platform an integrated, fast and transparent quality review is easily possible.

Be smart in your decision-making!

5. Analytics

Predict and optimize your supply chain based on defined KPI

Berlinger helps to optimize and ​predict your supply chain. The smart and modular Berlinger SmartMonitor captures multiple condition data in real-time. Together with the cloud software platform, which delivers mission-critical supply chain insights we can reduce cost with our Berlinger SmartServices.

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Experience the Power of Control

Berlinger SmartView Platform


Be prepared for audits. Berlinger’s cloud platform provides you with full data access worldwide to manage KPI easily at the highest quality standards. 


Through targeted analysis of the collected temperature data, deviations can be eliminated in a smart manner.


Be prepared in no time with all monitoring data available in one system. Full insights available in SmartView for QA in-depth reviews.


Take advantage of the Berlinger SmartView Application Programming Interface (API) and integrate your EPR, TMS or IRT system with our SmartView platform. For fast, smart and seamless automation.

Modular Real-Time Monitoring

Smart Hardware for Site and Shipment Monitoring

Why Berlinger SmartSystem

Save millions with modular transparency

1. Modularity

Scalable platform approach

With the new Berlinger SmartSystem, you can experience the power of control through a complete modular, flexible and integrated real-time solution.

2. Sustainable Partnership

Trusted partner for more than 30 years

For 30 years, we have been offering our integrated monitoring solutions exclusively to customers in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. We are the right partner for innovative, smart long-term solutions.

3. Cost Reduction

Reduce real-time cost with intercommunication

Thanks to our modular hardware lineup with intelligent intercommunication, you can reduce the costs of real-time monitoring in an easy way. All in all: a smart solution!

4. Compatibility & Integration

Open platform

Take the advantage of the application programming interface (API) and integrate your TMS, ERP or 3th party devices with our platform. Integration has never been smarter!

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