Andrea Berlinger Advocates for Unity in Europe's Trade

Andrea Berlinger Advocates for Unity in Europe's Trade

Panel discussion in Brussels

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Recently, Andrea Berlinger, the owner and former CEO of Berlinger & Co. AG, had the great opportunity to actively participate in a panel discussion at the International Bodensee Conference (IBK) in Brussels. The focus of the event was on fostering better trade relations between the European Union and Switzerland, with the goal of promoting unity and increasing prosperity in the region.

Andrea Berlinger joined the Government Councilor of St. Gallen, Marc Mächler, to the International Bodensee Conference (IBK) in Brussels. During the event, Andrea highlighted the significance of considering Europe as an entire continent that thrives when nations collaborate rather than compete.

We should understand Europe as a continent and work together to preserve the prosperity we've all worked hard to achieve. This can only happen if Switzerland and the EU seek common ground and emphasize cooperation over differences. Let's unite Europe in this increasingly complex world!”, Andrea Berlinger

Her understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by Swiss companies allowed her to share insight into the importance of economic growth and promoting international trade. Her understanding, that is based on practical experience, enriched the ongoing efforts to strengthen trade relations between Switzerland and the EU.
The IBK’s goal to promote better trade relations aligns with Andrea’s vision to increase unity and prosperity in Europe. Through open discussion and exploration of opportunities for collaboration, leaders from different nations can work together for sustainable growth and mutual benefit.

In conclusion, Andrea's participation in the International Lake Constance Conference highlights the importance of bridging the gap between nations and building connections based on mutual interests.


Andrea Berlinger Advocates for Unity in Europe's Trade