Berlinger Urine Collection Vessel

Berlinger Urine Collection Vessel

Urine Sample Vessel

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Maximum user-friendliness

Optimized shape with spout allows precise decanting


Stackable solution for hassle-free transportation. Seal partial samples with ease directly in the vessel

Safe & secure

Watertight and lead-proof, ensuring worry-free containment

Technical Data

Tech Facts & Intendet Use

Berlinger Urine Collection Vessel is intended to be used to collect urine samples for the purpose of anti-doping and drugs of abuse testing according to WADA ISTI requirements.

This Urine Collection Vessel is not a Medical Device (MD) and therefore is not intended to be used in a medical setting nor on the order of a health care professional. This vessel is also not indicated for or in assistance of disease screening or diagnosis.

Product Data

External Dimensions :
75 x 75 x 100 mm
Weights :
33 g
Single/Multiple Use :
Additional Information :
Molded scale with physical indication at 90 ml, which according to WADA ISTI is the suitable minimum volume for further processing and at 150 ml which provides guidance on defining the parameters required for accurate gravity measurement.


Here you can download the product documentation.

Berlinger Urine Collection Vessel

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