In an interview with InsituGen

In an interview with InsituGen

A Winning Team for Clean Sports

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In an interview with InsituGen

United for Sports Integrity - At both Berlinger and their valued partner InsituGen Ltd, innovation and integrity are at the forefront. The two companies join forces for advanced anti-doping solutions and we are delighted to announce that Berlinger Special will be participating together with InsituGen Ltd. in the upcoming International Conference of Racing Analysts and Veterinarians (ICRAV), taking place in Hong Kong from September 17th to 23rd.

This event promises to be an exciting opportunity for us to connect with fellow industry peers, enthusiasts, and experts in the animal welfare sphere.

Berlinger had the great opportunity to interview two executives that drive the InsituGen endavour forward and share insights into the InsituGen mission and their groundbreaking innovation, FirstFlagX, which offers a unique approach to uncover an animal’s doping status when conventional laboratory tests fall short.

Aaron Venables, CEO at InsituGen Ltd

Q: Aaron, from your point of view, how can InsituGen and Berlinger benefit from each other and lead to mutual success for both sides?

The Berlinger and InsituGen partnership is a very well-matched one that is mutually beneficial to both companies and ultimately for our customers in the anti-doping market. On one side of the collaboration, we have Berlinger who is a trusted industry leader in anti-doping, with a respected global distribution channel and network. On the other side InsituGen offers a unique technology platform that will transform the way steroid hormone activity is detected. The combination of these 2 partners offers customers easy access to a novel and advanced methodology for detection of designer steroids, ensuring that they can more readily pursue fairness and equal competition in sport.

Prof. Alison Heather, Chief Scientific Officer & Founder at InsituGen Ltd.

Q: Alison, can you explain to us why firstFLAGX™ makes such a big difference in animal sports, and how firstFLAGX™ helps racehorses and camels in particular?

For almost 20 years, I further developed and used a suite of bioassays to show the androgenic potency of many more designer steroids. 
The launch of firstFlagX lets labs analyze designer steroids without using cell culture. This saves time and money since they don't have to hire cell culture experts or spend time growing cells. InsituGen has made it possible to test for designer steroids using a convenient kit, firstFlagX, instead of just in research labs.

I believe we significantly impact animal sports due to its unique tests, driven by a passion for research and sports integrity.

Meet the InsituGen team at the Berlinger booth at ICRAV 2023 from September 17 to 23, 2023, in Hong Kong