Berlinger Insights | Thomas Bechter

Berlinger Insights | Thomas Bechter

Interview with Thomas Bechter, CEO

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Berlinger Insights | Thomas Bechter

Ambition, discipline and talent are the components of success in sports - but also for us. Get some Berlinger Insights with the interview from our CEO Thomas Bechter.

What excites you about working for Berlinger?

The fascinating environment of professional sport. To witness how athletes, coaches and organizations deliver everyday their best with such high passion to break boundaries is pure fascination. With our products we support clean sport, the anti-doping community and those who play fair. Being a part of enabling athletes and organizations fair competitions is exciting and gives us everyday energy to break boundaries ourselves. Finally, we are proud to serve customers in over 140 countries. Sport is truly international across all nationalities, cultures and religions. 

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Being a member of a family-owned company with such a long and rich history and which was at the same time always at the forefront of driving new technologies and solutions. Berlinger was founded 1865. For over 25 years we are serving the anti-doping community with our products and services. Today, we are living in a “start-up world”. Too easy it gets forgotten that continuity and innovation over decades deliver trust to customers. I enjoy shaping the future of a company with such a long history like Berlinger and to stay innovative. There is no contradiction between a long history and innovation. I love to travel, to talk to our customers around the globe and to discuss new ideas with our teams. Then to witness how these ideas are evolving into new products and services for our customers is pure enjoyment. 

What are your next projects?

We plan to bring some groundbreaking services to the market helping the anti-doping community to deliver their tasks. Then we are looking at a further enhancement of our production facilities here in Ganterschwil. And we are continuously reviewing our products together with the community. 

After 15 years break, I got back into kitesurfing, now together with my kids. My personal project will be to stay ahead in the family competition and to show to my kids that daddy can still jump higher over the waves.