BEREG-Horse-Kit news

BEREG-Horse-Kit news

Design optimization

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BEREG-Horse-Kit news

This year, the BEREG-Horse-Kit comes with an optimized design. Get more information now.

The Berlinger team is constantly optimizing the products in order to best meet the requirements of our customers. In 2023, the BEREG-Horse-Kit receives significant improvements with the transition from an opaque to a transparent container. The new transparent design offers enhanced visibility and effortless monitoring of sample contents.

Main benefits of the latest optimization:

  • Enhanced visibility: Transparent design enables easy monitoring of sample
  • Superior durability: Thermoplastic lock ring with 50% fiber composition
  • Continuous innovation: Developed as plastic kit with exceptional strength and durability

From October, a smooth and gradual introduction of the new and optimized BEREG-Kit-Horse will be initiated. This phased approach ensures a seamless and hassle-free adoption process for all of our customers.

Keep an eye out for our newly optimized containers.