Fridge-tag Ultra Low

Fridge-tag Ultra Low

Ultra-low temperature monitoring for sensitive vaccines

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The Fridge-tag to monitor ultra-low temperatures up to –90°C


Up to 3 years operating lifetime

Ultra-low freezers

Perfect companion for ultra-low freezers


User-friendly, reliable and high-precision


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Fridge-tag Ultra Low
Fridge-tag Ultra Low
Technical Data

Tech Facts

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Fridge-tag device must be mounted outside of the freezer with external sensor with a suction cup placed inside.

Product Data

External Dimensions :
128 x 75 x 19 mm
Display Dimensions :
95 x 27 mm
Weights :
112 g
Storage Conditions :
0°C to +30°C / +32°F to +86°F
Operation Temperatures :
–95°C to 0°C / –139°F to +32°F
Display Visible :
–10°C to +55°C / +14°F to +131°F
Alarm Temperature Ranges :
–90°C to -5°C, in 0.1°C increments –130°F to +23°F
Accuracy Temperature Measurements :
+/- 2.0°C from –95°C to –25°C | +/-3.6°F from –139°F to –13°F
+/- 0.8°C from –25°C to –10°C | +/- 1.44.°F from –13°F to +14°F
+/- 0.5°C from –10°C to +0°C | +/ 0.9 °F from +14°F to +32°F
Alarm Limits :
2 individually programmable alarm and warning limits (1 upper and 1 lower alarm/warning limit)
Logging Intervals :
5 min (standard)
Alarm Trigger Times :
1 min to 23 h 59 min
Measurement Accuracies :
+/- 30 min / year
Calibrations :
Calibration traceable to ILAC recognised international standard (e.g. SAS, NIST) upon request
Memory Spaces :
30 day overview on display; PDF report length factory settable: 28, 56 day overview
Batteries :
Lithium battery - complies with IATA DGR Packaging Instruction 970-Section II
Protection Classes :
IP64 (external sensor not plugged in)
Operating Lifetimes :
Up to 3 1/2 years (1/2 year storage / 3 years useful life). The battery status indicator on the display provides information on the remaining lifetime
Warranties :
2 years from date of delivery (see general Berlinger Terms & Conditions)
Format Documents :
PDF / ASCII (it can also be imported by many ERP or data management systems)
Standards :
ROHS compliant

Fridge-tag Ultra Low Accessories

We offer you the following products and services for your device



External Sensors

The external sensor brings the advantage that only the flat cable needs to be put in the freezer / cold room and the Fridge-tag device can be fixed outside. This reduces temperature fluctuations as the door of the freezer / cold room does not need to be opened to read out the Fridge-tag. 

Product benefits

  • To monitor ultra-low freezers in combination with the Fridge-tag Ultra Low
  • 1.5 metre flat cable
Simple and secure

Software for Data Verification

Berlinger offers solutions that increase security or simplify processes. 

Product benefits

  • Secure data
  • Authenticity of generated data
  • Easy to use


The Fridge tag 2, Fridge-tag 2 E, Fridge-tag 2 L and Fridge-tag Ultra Low have been validated by the makers of the Varo app, to be compatible with the free Varo mobile application, which reads out data from the Fridge-tag loggers and sends it via email to user-defined recipients in a format that can be easily aggregated using a separate free application called Pogo LT.

Product benefits

  • Our Fridge-tags are the first temperature monitoring devices which are compatible with the free Varo mobile application
  • It's a simple, effective, free to have and free to use private tool to make vital information more accessible and useful.
  • Read out your Fridge-tag easily

Fridge-tag Ultra Low

Audible alarm
A powerful and competitive novelty is the audible alarm signal. The Fridge-tag Ultra Low automatically triggers an alarm, if a critical temperature deviation outside the predefined temperature range is measured. This enables you and your staff to react just in time.

Selectable recording duration up to 112 days
Enjoy extended temperature recording up to 112 days (selectable recording duration of 28, 56, 84 or 112 days). The built-in USB connection generates a secure PDF/A report with all relevant temperature data presented in a clear and easily understandable manner.

Document management and archiving
The ASCII and PDF/A files generated in the device can be sent back to the sender via email. They can organise the quality check, analysis and storage of the files. The data can be converted and read directly into the existing reports, ERP or data management systems. The information is therefore directly and automatically assigned to the relevant products.

The Berlinger Team is here to provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have. We will be pleased to advise you.

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