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Reliable, exact, good value and long shelf life


Monitoring of the freezing point

Factory pre-set

Factory pre-set available in three different configurations (orange, yellow and green)


WHO PQS prequalified E006/007

Technical Data

Tech Facts

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Product Data

External Dimensions :
49 x 30 x 10.5 mm
Display Dimensions :
10 x 10 mm
Weights :
12 g
Storage Conditions :
+4°C to +50°C / +40°F to +122°F
Operation Temperatures :
–20°C to +55°C / –4°F to +131°F
Alarm Temperature Ranges :
Accuracy Temperature Measurements :
+/- 0.3°C typ. +/- 0.6°F typ.
Alarm Limits :
YELLOW: 0°C / +32°F, ORANGE: 0°C / +32°F, GREEN: –0.5°C / +31.1°F
Measurement Intervals :
YELLOW: 2 min., ORANGE: 20 sec., GREEN: 2 min.
Logging Intervals :
Adaptable 1 to 60 min (by 15 min the memory capacity will last for more than 1 year)
Alarm Trigger Times :
YELLOW: 60 min below 0°C / +32°F, ORANGE: 10 min below 0°C / +32°F, GREEN: 60 min below –0.5°C / +31.1°F
Measurement Accuracies :
typ. +/- 5% at 0°C / 32°F
Calibrations :
Calibration traceable to ILAC recognised international standard (e.g. SAS, NIST) upon request
Memory Spaces :
Batteries :
Lithium coin cell battery (CR2032) complies with IATA DGR Packing Instruction 970-Section II and is therefore not considered as dangerous good
Protection Classes :
Operating Lifetimes :
Up to 5 years - expiry date printed on label
Warranties :
2 years from date of delivery (see general Berlinger Terms & Conditions)
Manipulations :
Freeze-tag can be used as often as required during the shelf life as long as the alarm condition has not been shown
Format Documents :
Generates no documents
Standards :
ROHS compliant


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Technical Specification

Monitoring of the freezing point

Operating life of up to 5 years
Thanks to the extremely long lifetime of up to 5 years of the Freeze-tag devices, products can be monitored throughout their life cycle. The unit is monitored throughout its lifetime, from production to storage. Endurance of a marathon runner!

Single use
All indicators are intended for single use. They are started at the initial point and received at the final point. No logistical effort is required for the return transport. Cost-effective!

No software
Neither software nor a computer is needed to operate the Berlinger Indicators. Quick and easy!



Clear and easy to read
Internationally recognised symbols clearly show the alarm state. The devices work completely independently; all information shown on the screen is comprehensible and readable, and is saved in such a manner that it cannot be manipulated. Simple and extremely user-friendly!

Swiss quality in a compact format!
Each transport is unique and unpredictable due to the constantly changing ambient temperature. With their easy handling and the low logistical costs, our electronic indicators are the ideal solution for efficiently monitoring all types of transport. Berlinger Indicators are highly accurate electronic temperature monitors. Calibration traceable to ILAC recognised international standard (e.g. SAS, NIST) upon request. As precise as a Swiss watch!

Video Manual Freeze-tag

How to use

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