Exploring Global Health at TechNet

Exploring Global Health at TechNet

Hendrik Jan Harbers - Business Development Global Health

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Exploring Global Health at TechNet

Get ready to embark on the exciting journey through the world of Global Health at the 17th TechNet Conference, set to take place in Panama City from October 16 to 19, 2023. This event promises to be an enlightening experience, bringing together experts, visionaries, and enthusiasts in the field of Global Health. Dive deeper into the topic with Hendrik Jan Harbers, Business Development in Global Health!

This year's theme at the 17th TechNet Conference in Panama is "Immunization that Leaves No One Behind." Innovative strategies to ensure equitable access to vaccines worldwide will be explored with Global Health stakeholders.

Read what Hendrik shares about the vital role of patient care in global health. With Hendrik Jan Harbers, we will learn more about how streamlined operations can improve patient care. Faced with the increasing manual workload of healthcare professionals, the need for a global solution becomes essential.

Q: Hendrik, how does SmartMonitor SITE L address the issue of increased manual workload for health professionals and contribute to more successful immunization programs?

The SmartMonitor SITE L makes things easier for healthcare workers. It replaces many systems with just one, so workers don't have to do as much manual work. This saves time and money. The system can be set up and trained remotely, so there's no need to travel. This means more time for taking care of patients. The system also helps managers see what's happening in different clinics without doing things by hand. This all leads to better immunizations and healthier people.

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Meet Hendrik Harbers and Andrea Berlinger (President Board of Directors Berlinger) at the Berlinger booth (booth #2) at the 17th TechNet Conference in Panama City from October 16-19, 2023.