ITA International Doping Control Officer Training Program

Berlinger as Official Partner

Berlinger as Official Partner for the ITA IDCO Training Program

Doping Control Officers (DCOs) are on the front line of the clean sport movement and are responsible for conducting doping controls during sports events and throughout the year outside of sport competitions. However, the training of DCOs varies considerably around the world and not all of them have access to the same level of education, which inevitably leads to varying quality standards in testing.

The ITA IDCO Training Program aims to offer athletes around the world the guarantee that the doping controls they are subject to are conducted safely, respectfully and with trained professionals in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code and international best practice. The partnership with Berlinger enables the ITA to deliver this training program for free to DCOs around the world. “I wish to thank Berlinger Special AG for supporting this initiative as it further underlines their long-lasting commitment to quality and integrity in anti-doping and will allow the ITA to make this program sustainable and inclusive for many years to come,” says ITA Director General Benjamin Cohen.

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Security has the highest priority

Standards for the equipment but also education for the procedures of the doping control were always key topics for Berlinger for the purpose of clean and fair sport. It motivates and drives Berlinger to reach these new levels to take part in this extraordinary program. “We are proud to be the partner of the ITA IDCO Training Program”, says Andrea Berlinger, Owner and President, Berlinger Group. “As manufacturers of tamper-evident safety containers, we endorse initiatives like the one to ensure samples are consistently collected to high quality standards around the world. We wish the ITA every success in implementing this important initiative and we hope, at this point, that all new ITA-Certified IDCOs will be filled with enthusiasm and passion as they carry out their extremely important work at the initial point of sample collection.”

Berlinger - Champion for over 25 years

Berlinger - Champion for over 25 years

Berlinger is proud to have been part of the international anti-doping movement for over 25 years. The Berlinger BEREG-Kit is the most globally used tamper-evident safety container with great confidence of the anti-doping community. We are proud to be a reliable partner for national and international sports events and independent global doping control organisations, who value our certified security containers and accessories due to their simple operation and maximum security. We believe the more user-friendly the product, the more secure the process.

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