Berlinger and 4G Clinical pave the way to Real-Time Oversight in Clinical Trials

Berlinger and 4G Clinical pave the way to Real-Time Oversight in Clinical Trials

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Berlinger and 4G Clinical pave the way to Real-Time Oversight in Clinical Trials

Berlinger & Co. AG, with over 35 years of experience in the temperature monitoring industry and its latest development SmartSystem, is proud to announce a collaboration with 4G Clinical, a global leader in randomization and trial supply management (RTSM) and clinical supply optimization. This strategic alliance aims to address the critical issue of lack of oversight in clinical trials, particularly in dealing with scattered temperature data and improving demand prediction capabilities.

Innovation lies at the core of this collaboration, with Berlinger deploying their unique Modular Real-timeTM technology, complemented by 4G Clinical’s expertise in clinical trial supply management and demand prediction. Together, these advancements seek to revolutionize the clinical trial landscape by providing real-time oversight, enabling instant decision-making, and ensuring end-to-end visibility while reducing costs.

One of the pressing challenges faced in clinical trials is the lack of effective oversight due to scattered temperature data, rendering demand prediction less capable. This challenge has significant implications for the supply manager and site burden, introducing uncertainties that can impact the product release, efficacy, and result in unnecessary drug wastage.

The collaboration between Berlinger and 4G Clinical is driven by a shared commitment to addressing these challenges and introducing a range of joint values that are at the top of the agenda for both organizations:

  • Removal of Burden: The joint efforts aim to alleviate the burdens faced by supply managers and clinical trial sites, streamline processes, and enhance efficiency.
  • Real-time Oversight: The joint efforts of Berlinger and 4G will usher in a new era of oversight for clinical trials, providing stakeholders with a clear and comprehensive view in automated real-time.
  • Instant Decision-Making: With the introduction of instant data analytics and insights, stakeholders can make informed decisions promptly, improving overall trial management.
  • End-to-End Visibility: The collaboration ensures end-to-end visibility, promoting transparency and accountability throughout the entire clinical trial lifecycle.
  • Patient Safety: By addressing oversight challenges, the collaboration directly contributes to enhancing patient safety, the top priority in clinical trials.
  • Drug Efficacy: Real-time monitoring and predictive analytics will aid in maintaining the efficacy of drugs under investigation, optimizing outcomes.
  • Drug Wastage: The joint solutions will significantly reduce drug wastage, contributing to a more sustainable and cost-effective approach to clinical trials.

Berlinger and 4G are excited about the potential impact of this strategic partnership on the field of clinical trials. By combining their respective strengths, they aim to reshape industry standards, improve outcomes, and pave the way for more efficient and patient-centric approaches to drug development.


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