Real-time visibility

For pro-active intervention

Do you know what happens during transportation?

Companies in the transport and logistics industry are under constant pressure to improve the quality and efficiency of their business processes. Despite the progress in tracking and tracing solutions an important link is still missing in supply chain transparency: real-time information about the condition of goods during transportation. This is particularly important for:

  • Monitoring the status of perishable goods
    Quality requirements demand accurate status information of medicines and food. Our data loggers provide you with an audit trail, thus information become available immediately after goods arrived at its destination. Filter and analyze the data easily with Berlinger SmartView.
  • Security of high value goods
    High value goods such as computer equipment are vulnerable to theft and require delicate handling. Transport companies lack real-time information about the status of doors (open / closed) and the identification of goods inside a trailer
  • Compliance with regulations
    Governments are raising the bar for in-transit monitoring, and require that the product integrity of temperature and condition sensitive products is ensured at all times

Tailor made for various applications

Beside the existing range of temperature monitoring devices and technologies, we provide active RFID and wireless sensor solutions (SmartLine) that enable real-time visibility with Berlinger SmartView for in-transit monitoring.

Our SmartLine self-organizing wireless sensor network can easily be integrated with existing GPS / GPRS telematics units for example in a truck. SmartLine wireless network then enables seamless communication between the truck and one or more trailers. When a trailer is connected to a truck, it will automatically communicate with the truck.
In our network SmartPoints are intelligent devices that can be equipped with any sensor.

Some examples: open / close sensors to monitor the door of a trailer or temperature sensors for perishable goods. These SmartPoints report measurements on specific time intervals. They also send alerts based on dynamic business rules, such as a temperature threshold.

Business benefits

  • Improved customer service and additional revenue streams
  • Pro-active intervention
  • Powerful analytics and reporting with Berlinger SmartView
  • Real-time alerts of relevant events such as unexpected door openings
  • Easy to install and integrate
  • Train and educate your staff globally using our SmartView E-learning platform