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Smart cold chain monitoring solutions

Optimise the quality of perishable products by ensuring optimal transport conditions. Temperatures and other conditions can easily be monitored and deviations will automatically trigger alerts. Berlinger provides high quality devices for many different industries and applications. From a simple yes / no indicator up to RFID or GPRS sending devices, a lot of requirements are fully covered. Comply with regulations in highly-regulated industries such as the pharmaceutical and food supply chains.

Cold chain control center

Berlinger SmartView is a web-based platform for cold chain optimization that has proven to deliver significant improvements in customer service, quality and process efficiency. Unlike other cold chain solutions, berlinger SmartView provides an integrated control center to manage all your critical cold chain operations: real-time shipment management, remote facility monitoring and real-time vehicle tracking.

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Facility and storage

Ensure the quality of goods in refrigerators, freezers, cold rooms or large-area storage rooms / warehouses at various locations by automatically monitoring their condition during storage. Regulatory bodies require maintaining daily records of the temperature logs. Our devices monitor, save and transmit measurements automatically at user-defined time intervals and also send alerts when specific temperature thresholds are exceeded.

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Truck transportation

Integrate Berlinger with fleet management solutions to monitor and protect perishable and high-value goods inside a trailer during transportation on the road. Track and monitor individual cargo wagons during operations, including the condition of freight.

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Sea freight

Monitor the status and security of freight during sea transport and warehousing in port environments.

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Air cargo

As a IATA Strategic Partner we offer customized temperature monitoring solutions for IATA CEIV compliance. In line with Good Distribution Practices (GDP), we provide you a complete package of ease to use hard- and software products enabling your company to fullfill requirements for an accurate temperature monitoring system for air cargo storage and an alerting and documentation system for excursion situations.

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