Berlinger SmartView

Experience the Power of Control

Leading 'sense and respond' solution

For global cold chain management, our web-based and GAMP 5 (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice) validated Berlinger SmartView software provides you with an integrated and open platform that enables you to filter and analyse important data collected during transport and storage of your valuable products.

Open platform

The data can be collected from a variety of sources, including Fridge-tag 2 L, Fridge-tag 3, Q-tag CLm doc or SmartLine devices and advanced GPS/GPRS and RFID sensors. Even third party loggers can be integrated and processed.

Powerful alerting and reporting

With the application of user-defined business rules, we enable a pro-active intervention. Real-time alerting messages can be sent via e-mail or SMS to authorized persons to empower them to respond immediately to these exceptional excursion situations.

Your benefits

Berlinger SmartView has proven to deliver significant improvements in customer service, quality and process efficiency thanks to regulatory compliance, elimination of temperature excursions and paper storage. Enjoy integrated global view on the most relevant storage and distribution data with 24/7 access.

Berlinger hardware for shipment Monitoring
Our Q-tag CLm doc devices log temperature measurements during transportation and provide the information / data after the shipment has arrived at its destination.

Berlinger hardware for facility monitoring
The Fridge-tag measures and registers the ambient temperature up to 3 years. 

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