Experience the Power of Control

With Berlinger Smartview and Berlinger Verifier

Thousands of temperature-sensitive shipments are sent around the world every day. In addition to the enormously high logistical demands on such delicate transports, the flood of data must also be processed and analysed. Since this workload is constantly increasing in line with ever-tightening regulations, automatic data processing is becoming ever more important and indispensable.

The Berlinger solution

Berlinger SmartView

The data from a variety of sources, including Fridge-tag 2 L, Fridge-tag 3, Q-tag CLm doc devices or SmartLine devices and advanced GPS/GPRS sensors, can be collected. With the application of user-defined alarm rules, Berlinger SmartView enables a pro-active intervention. Real-time alerting messages can be sent via e-mail or SMS to authorized persons to empower them to respond immediately to these exceptional excursion situations. The key benefits:

  • Quality improvement
  • Seamless information
  • 24/7 Worldwide data access

Data security with Berlinger Verifier

The Berlinger Verifier software enables the authenticity of data generated by the Fridge-tag devices (incl. Fridge-tag 3) and the CLm doc to be verified. The digital signature for both files (PDF and ASCII) can be verified which confirms the data has been unaltered. Complies with FDA regulations CFR 21 Part 11. Key advantages:

  • Secure data
  • Authenticated
  • Easy

Simple Self-configuration with Q-tag easy go

The Q-tag easy go software is used to activate and reconfigure Q-tag CLm doc LR devices as well as to safeguard the collected data. We recommend always using the latest version of the easy go software, however previous versions can be further used with no restrictions.

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