Vaccine Cold Chain Monitor


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The economical chemical indicators can be started individually by pulling out the start strip. They measure only one or max. 2 temperature limits per indicator and are available for the following temperatures: -15 °C / -4 °C / 0 °C/ +5 °C / +10 °C / +10°C and +34 °C / +26 °C/ +31°C. The well known VCCM card is equipped with the only indicator that can measure two temperatures (10 °C and +34 °C).

WHO product qualification


Application technical data
Parameters Temperature
Typical application area International supply chain
National supply chain
Storage ambient conditions
Markets Pharmaceutical industry
Pharmacies, drugstores, doctors' offices, hospitals, health centers and homes
Operating time Up to 2 years - expiry date printed on the certificate of analysis
Compatibility with Berlinger SmartView No
NIST / ILAC calibration certificate No