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Temperature Monitoring Devices

Fridge-tag 2 L

Storage temperature logger

Fridge-tag 2 L
Fridge-tag 2 L
Fridge-tag 2 L
Fridge-tag 2 L
Fridge-tag 2 L

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The Fridge-tag 2 L measures the ambient temperature. If one of the two alarm limits is exceeded or fallen below, an alarm will be triggered on the display and/or is audible as an audio signal. A quick decision and immediate action is thus possible. The PDF/A report, now also with a temperature curve, can be generated without additional software. The Fridge-tag 2 L is optionally available with an external temperature sensor (measures till –40°C / –40°F).The collected temperature data can be stored and analysed with the web-based data management system Berlinger SmarView.

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Application technical data
Typical application area Storage ambient conditions
Storage cooling conditions (fridges, freezers, displays, etc.)
Markets Clinical Trials
Pharmaceutical industry
Pharmacies, drugstores, doctors' offices, hospitals, health centers and homes
Chemical industry
External dimensions (L x W x H)128 x 75 x 19 mm
Size of the LC Display95 x 27 mm
Weight112 g
Operating temperature–25°C to +55°C / –13°F to +131°F
Alarm temperature range–20°C to +50°C / –4°F to +122°F, in 0.1°C increments
Alarm and warning limits2 individually programmable alarm limits (1 upper and 1 lower alarmlimit)
Logging interval5 min (standard)
Accuracy of the temperature measurement +/- 0.8°C (–25°C to –10°C) / +/- 1.44°F (–13°F to +14°F)
+/- 0.5°C (–10°C to +40°C) / +/- 0.9°F (+14°F to +104°F)
+/- 0.8°C (+40°C to +55°C) / +/- 1.44°F (+104°F to +131°F)
Memory space30 day overview on the display / PDF report length factory settable: 28, 56, 84 or 112 day overview
Protection classIP64
Operating timeUp to 3 years
Battery lifeUp to 3 1/2 years (1/2 year storage / 3 years useful life). The battery indicator on the display provides information on the remaining lifetime.
Activation Pressing the SET and READ button for at least 3 seconds
Stop No stop function
Configuration Pre-set by Berlinger & Co. AG or self-configuration
Format of the Original document PDF and ASCII file (it can also be imported by many ERP or data management systems)
Software for verifying the PDF and ASCII fileBerlinger Verifier ( / JAVA™ / The software verifies the digital signature of the ASCII and PDF files.
Compatibility with Berlinger SmartView Yes
NIST / ILAC calibration certificate On request