Safeguarding Vaccines with Remote Temperature Monitoring

Safeguarding Vaccines with Remote Temperature Monitoring

Webcast for Low and Middle Income Countries

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Safeguarding Vaccines with Remote Temperature Monitoring

Watch this webcast to learn about remote temperature monitoring with SmartSystem and discover how it can enhance the safety of your vaccines. With SmartSystem, healthcare professionals can prioritize patient safety, providing peace of mind for all involved, whereas cold chain managers are able to manage the cold chain with complete oversight and control to ensure quality.

Dive into the concept of remote temperature monitoring solutions with our latest webcast! Hosted by two Berlinger experts, this engaging session explores the newly designed technology SmartSystem that is reshaping temperature monitoring practices for Low and Middle Income Countries.

As maker of the yellow Fridge-tags, Berlinger has brought its expertise in storage temperature monitoring to develop complete remote temperature monitoring (RTM) using state-of-the-art technology. SmartSystem as innovative solution significantly reduces the cost of ownership while offering ease of installation and scalability, ensuring seamless implementation for healthcare professionals.

Register today to unlock the full potential of remote temperature monitoring and ensure the safety of your vaccines. Access the webcast directly after registration.

Remote Temperature Monitoring – by the makers of the Fridge-tag

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