One question for: Sebastian Finke

One question for: Sebastian Finke

Sales & Business Development Manager Pharma & Life Sciences

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One question for: Sebastian Finke

“Success is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice – and that is the choice we made at Berlinger!"

You have been working in the logistics & supply chain industry for many years, from your experience, what important developments do you see in the pharmaceutical supply chain & logistics industry?

The continuous new regulations and requirements for products, packaging and people in the pharmaceutical industry are driving the demand for data-based decisions, more transparency, and better cooperation. To achieve this and to be able to adapt in a short period of time, flexibility is required, which is especially true for processes. For me personally, I have been able to support customers in solving their complex pharmaceutical supply chain and logistics problems. This gives me a lot of satisfaction because I know that the effort, we all invest in our work ultimately contributes to improving patient safety.

Since COVID-19 entered our lives, everyone has realized that pharmaceutical supply chains involve complex processes, have challenging transport requirements, and require close cooperation between stakeholders. The pandemic has led to a better understanding of the complexities of moving a medicinal product from production to patient. The need for immediate action underlines the importance of reliable partners in temperature monitoring.

The digitalization of the pharma cold chain was long overdue. Due to the strict regulatory requirements – with patient safety as an utmost priority – change processes in the industry are challenging. So far, this has also been the case for the move from traditional manual processes to digitalized automated processes. It is amazing to see how much progress the Pharma & Life Sciences market has made over the past two years and how a big portion of the work has been successfully digitalized. The Covid-19 vaccine distribution has certainly served as an accelerator. The industry has proven its ability to adapt quickly to new situations and to find innovative solutions to address the challenge at hand.

When it comes to digitalizing the cold chain processes, Berlinger is a forerunner with its innovative SmartSystem approach: The combination of modular real-time consisting of smart devices and software will help pharmaceutical and allied logistics companies to control cold chain processes better, implement CAPAs and use data to predict instances of failure. This will contribute significantly to reduce pharmaceutical wastage, control quality, and cut down on delivery times. Ultimately, this not only leads to cost savings but will also save lives.

I decided to join Berlinger as they invest heavily in new technologies and can truly be named a pioneer in this industry. If you look at the history, you can see how transformative the company is and how constant change is anchored in the DNA. With more than 30 years of experience, Berlinger has been working with organizations such as UNICEF and WHO as well as large pharmaceutical companies and vaccine manufacturers for decades and has set new standards together with them.
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