New strategic alignment

New strategic alignment

Berlinger Group adopts new strategic alignment

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New strategic alignment

+++ Cold chain monitoring systems business to be acquired by US-based Sensitech Inc. +++ Anti-doping product business to remain in family ownership +++

Ganterschwil, Switzerland, June 17, 2024: The Berlinger Group, which is internationally renowned for both its anti-doping products and its high-tech cold chain monitoring systems, is adopting a new strategic alignment. Berlinger & Co. AG, the group’s cold chain monitoring systems business, is to be acquired by US-based Sensitech Inc., a subsidiary of Carrier Global Corporation, in a transaction which should be formally closed in Q3 2024. Berlinger Special AG, the Berlinger Group’s anti-doping product business, which has been a market leader in its specialist segment for several decades now, will remain in the ownership of the Berlinger family. Both businesses will continue to operate at their present production site in Ganterschwil, Canton St. Gallen, Switzerland.

New strategic alignment for the cold chain monitoring systems business (Berlinger & Co. AG)

The Board of Directors of Berlinger & Co. AG resolved to strategically reposition the company and its cold chain monitoring systems business in September 2023. Over the past three years, Berlinger & Co. AG has developed one of the world’s most advanced platforms for monitoring the cold chain for clinical trials, vaccines and other pharmaceutical products. The platform, which operates under the SmartSystem name, and its accompanying monitoring equipment are among the most innovative instruments available for their target use and application.

The global cold chain monitoring sector demands a worldwide presence and correspondingly flexible solutions in its various markets. In transferring its Berlinger & Co. AG cold chain monitoring systems business to Sensitech Inc. (a subsidiary of Carrier Global Corporation) in the USA, which is a global leader in supply chain visibility, the Berlinger-Schwyter family, owners of the Berlinger Group, are seeking to ensure the business’s sustainable further growth and development and a broader positioning of its products and services worldwide.

Transfer of Berlinger & Co. AG scheduled for Q3 2024

The negotiations on the transfer of the Berlinger Group’s cold chain monitoring systems business to Sensitech Inc. were successfully concluded in June 2024. Sensitech’s formal acquisition of the business (which consists of Berlinger & Co. AG and its subsidiaries Antaris Solutions BV and Berlinger USA LLC) has been scheduled for Q3 2024. Under the transaction, Sensitech Inc., which is based in Beverly, Massachusetts (USA), will acquire Berlinger & Co. AG with its workforce of some 85 personnel.

Berlinger Group’s anti-doping product business to remain in the ownership of the Berlinger-Schwyter family

Berlinger Special AG, the Berlinger Group company which has been developing and distributing some of the world’s leading anti-doping products for several decades now, will remain in the ownership of the Berlinger-Schwyter family. The company manufactures doping sample processing containers for human and animal use under the ‘BEREG Kit’ brand. The products are used worldwide at almost every major sporting event. Over the past ten years or so, animals have also been increasingly subjected to doping tests during both training and events. Berlinger Special AG is a leader in this globally growing segment, too.

Business planning with a long-term perspective

In taking this key strategic step, the Boards of Directors of Berlinger Group companies Berlinger & Co. AG and Berlinger Special AG are ensuring that both firms can continue to develop successfully and profitably in their differing business segments. With these two companies, international markets already account today for over 90 per cent of the total business of the Swiss-based Berlinger Group. Access to such international markets is crucial to the long-term development of all the group’s business operations and their products and services.

The Board of Directors of Berlinger & Co. AG regards the company’s acquisition by Sensitech Inc. as the optimum option for securing the future of the company’s strong innovation credentials. Sensitech Inc. is a world leader in supply chain visibility. And the incorporation of the systems and services which have been developed in Switzerland and the Netherlands into Sensitech and its internationally active parent company Carrier Global Corporation will both permit the continuous further development of these and other products and give them a global presence in their target markets.

The formal acquisition of Berlinger & Co. AG by Sensitech Inc. has been timetabled for Q3 2024. The closing of the transaction will be publicly communicated. The parties have agreed not to divulge the transaction price involved.

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