Remote monitoring of vehicles and vehicle fleets

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Keep full control at all times thanks to real-time information and real-time alerts by SMS and e-Mail.

In addition to monitoring facilities and deliveries, the berlinger smartLine wireless-network can now also be used to monitor individual vehicles or entire vehicle fleets. Together with our web-based data management system berlinger smartView, we can now offer you a complete system for monitoring your entire cold chain. TRACK – TRACE – CONTROL.

Thanks to the upgrading of the smartGate to smartGate M (M stands for mobile usage), the berlinger smartLine is now also the ideal solution for automatic remote monitoring of vehicles with temperature- / humidity- sensitive goods.

Real-time alerting

The concept is simple: As soon as a smartPoint registers a temperature deviation, it sends a signal via smartGate M to berlinger smartView, from where a real-time alarm will be sent by SMS or via email to a predefined recipient (-group).

Real-time localisation

Do you want to know the current location of a vehicle with the temperature deviation, for example, in order to head for a nearby depot and safely put the goods into interim storage at the correct temperature? No problem, because thanks to a GPS-module integrated in the smartGate M, berlinger smartView can determine the precise position of the vehicle at any time. To provide easy and informative visualisation, berlinger smartView relies on Google Maps.

Easy installation

The smartGate M is installed directly in the cabin of the vehicle for vehicle monitoring. The smartGate M has a 12 V/24 V-input port and can be powered directly in the vehicle. The rechargeable backup-battery is automatically charged by the vehicle battery. Compared to other solutions, the berlinger smartLine vehicle monitoring system provides very low installation and maintenance costs thanks to the use of wireless sensors.

Main features

  • Easy installation and low maintenance requirements thanks to the wireless sensors
  • Temperature-, Humidity-, Reed- (open/close) -sensors
  • 24/7 alerting by SMS and e-Mail
  • Real-time monitoring and localisation of vehicles thanks to berlinger smartView
  • Important information accessible at any time thanks to web-based portal
  • Meets GDP, GAMP 5, FDA CFR 21 Part 11 and further strict standards

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