New Member in the Well-known Q-tag CLm doc Logger Family

| Berlinger & Co. AG Berlinger Group

We are happy to announce a new team member in the well known CLm doc logger family: The frosty CLm doc Ice
The new Q-tag CLm doc Ice built for temperature monitoring of frozen shipments completes the Q-tag product line in the transport range down to –40°C. The new logger has a large battery capaticity and an operating time up to 365 days thanks to 38.000 logging points. The application advantages:

  • Operating temperature: –40°C to +60°C / –40°F to +140°F
  • Available as single or reusable data logger
  • User-friendly, reliable and high precision

Mor details: Q-tag CLm doc Ice / Q-tag CLm doc Ice R

Our Q-tag CLm doc devices log temperature measurements during transportation and provide the information/data after the shipment has arrived at its destination. Once the device has been connected to a PC or Mac, it creates automatically a PDF/A and ASCII file with all measured temperatures and time data. The Q-tag CLm doc devices irrevocably show the exact point in time and the date of all limit violations. The ability to track alarm events is given at any time and important conclusions on responsibility are visible immediately.

Data management with Berlinger SmartView
Thousands of temperature-sensitive shipments are sent around the world every day. Thanks to Berlinger SmartView, the collected temperature data from the Q-tag CLm doc devices can be analyzed easily and in depth for significant workflow improvements!