New Fridge-tag 3 with an SMS alarm

| Berlinger & Co. AG Berlinger Group

The new Fridge-tag 3 is now available with a real-time temperature alarm and SMS warning.

Immediate, quick and reliable

Whether alerting the QA staff in critical situations such as a temperature rise / drop of a drug refrigerator or warning technicians in the event of a fault (power failure) affecting systems: In the health sector, immediate, reliable information that directly appears on the mobile phone of the responsible persons is a critical factor. 

With Fridge-tag 3, notifications are possible in real-time via SMS, an easy to hear signal or via the web portal. Proactive action is made easy with the Fridge-tag 3, as it automatically sends alarm messages when min/max temperatures are exceeded or are not met. 

Easy operation

The programming of the range of alarms can be easily made via an SMS text command. Up to five destination numbers can be recorded in the alarm/warning relay. No matter where you are at any given moment, an immediate alarm is ensured and querying the temperature is possible at any time and from anywhere via SMS. The data that is collected can be read out via a display, PDF report (without software) or even via a web portal and analysed further.

A high level of data security

As Fridge-tag 3 can be ordered optionally with a cable and an external temperature sensor (flat cable length = 1 metre), installation and data transfer is extremely simple and secure. The Fridge-tag 3 logger is directly linked to the external temperature sensor. As such, the transmission of temperature data to the logger is very secure compared to other wireless technologies (e.g. Bluetooth).

Take advantage of the new communication possibilities and monitor your refrigerators, freezers, shelves or small storage rooms even more effectively: with Fridge-tag® 3.