Berlinger smartview - Release 4.0

| Berlinger & Co. AG Berlinger Group

We are delighted to announce the major berlinger smartview® Release 4.0. Among several tailored improvements, we present our web-based Software for Cold Chain Monitoring in a New and Modern Design.

New Features and New Design (GUI)

Direct user feedback is a key factor for us to be able to offer berlinger smartview® as practical and efficient as possible. Our in-house development team therefore considered and implemented a huge number of valuable inputs from the field to facilitate your daily work.

Moreover the navigation has been re-arranged to improve your user experience. The main challenge was to ensure the principles of navigation while making it even more intuitive. We are convinced that the implemented measures will bring major benefits to our users.

Responsive web-design

Thanks to the responsive web-design, berlinger smartview® will now automatically adapt the screen to the appropriate format e.g. for mobile phones, tablets or desktop computers.  

Use berlinger smartview® whenever and wherever you want (Software as-a-Service). No installation is required; this allows fast access but nevertheless highest data security.

Would you like to learn more, or do you care for a preliminary consultation? We will be happy to discuss your specific requirements.