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Interview with Marina Beer, Segment Manager Healthcare

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"Currently I am working in a project team for the COVID-19 vaccine distribution and what it means for Berlinger." Get more Berlinger Insights with the interview from our Segment Manager Healthcare, Marina Beer.

What excites you about working for Berlinger?

I am inspired by the way Berlinger has reinvented itself over the course of its history, adapting to the changing environment. This is a core trait of a successful organization, allowing a business not only to survive but lead in changing times like we are facing now. 
I believe that innovation as well as individual and organizational development happens outside of the comfort zone. More than ever, this new situation demands pharma supply chain digitalization and visibility, which provides us with the opportunity to further strengthen our system (hardware & software) approach. I am motivated and excited about Berlinger’s commitment to addressing the new market requirements and being part of it. 

What do you enjoy most about your job?

As Segment Manager, I am located at the interface between the market, including for example customer or regulatory requirements, and R&D. I enjoy talking with customers and taking deep dives into their processes and requirements to build the best system for them. 
I love working on projects in a team, exchanging ideas and developing new solutions together. There is so much specialized knowledge within the Berlinger team; it’s fun to work together, complement each other’s knowledge and to learn from each other. 
I am really happy with the agile way of working and the frequent exchange (currently mostly remote) with team members to leverage this team spirit. 

What are your next projects?

Currently I am working in a project team for the COVID-19 vaccine distribution and what it means for Berlinger. We are consolidating data on the COVID-19 vaccines in development, the success potential, manufacturing capacities, related CMOs, labelling and packing partners as well as completed contracts with governments & NGOs to make an informed decision on the pre-investment we want to make, considering the device manufacturing lead time and the fact that currently the exact supply chains are not yet defined.