Continuous Temperature Control

From Manufacturer to Final Recipient

Temperature monitoring of pharmaceuticals

Continuous monitoring of the cold chain is essential to ensure flawless quality of medicines, vaccines and other active ingredients. The provisions governing this are contained in the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GDP (Good Distribution Practice) regulations.

The Berlinger solution
With its headquarters in Switzerland, Berlinger has its finger on the pulse of developments and is fully aware of the dangers and risks that can arise within the cold chain.

Meticulous temperature control is especially critical when more than one company and transportation method (truck, plane, ship, etc.) is involved in the delivery. Whether you are looking for Berlinger SmartView, our Cold Chain Control Center, simple indicators, reusable or single-use data loggers, dry-ice or long-term monitoring, Berlinger provides the ideal solution for every scenario.

Draw your own informed conclusions about the time periods in which you had no supervision of your valuable goods!

Berlinger SmartView
Berlinger SmartView is a web platform for cold chain optimization that has proven to bring significant improvements in customer service, quality and process efficiency.

Berlinger hardware for shipment monitoring
Our Q-tag CLm doc devices log temperature measurements during transportation and provide the information / data after the shipment has arrived at its destination.

Berlinger hardware for facility monitoring
The Fridge-tag measures and registers the ambient temperature up to 3 years. 

Berlinger indicators
Berlinger’s electronic indicators provide a temperature monitoring system which satisfies the highest quality requirements. Their long operating life of up to 5 years makes them ideal companions for the cold chain.


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